Modern day technologies allow to completely depart from traditional office PBXes. Basic functions such as call transfers, holds and others are handled by software which is installed on a separate machine in your office. Besides typical small office PBX functions, virtual PBX allows you to have the following advanced features:

  • Complete incoming/outgoing call flow control.
  • Incoming/outgoing call transfer to any known number.
  • Call recording with a web interface to playback such calls.
  • Voice prompt upload.
  • E-mail notifications on new voice mail messages.
  • Ability to use multiple voice prompt message languages. Both on incoming calls and on system messages.
  • Complete voice prompt file customization on per extension basis.
  • Music instead of dial tones.
  • WEB interface in English and Russian languages, export in HTML/XML/PDF/CSV formats.
  • Voice prompt control/recording through a telephone.
  • Voice mail control through a telephone.
  • Time-based rules.
  • Click2Call service.
  • Auto secretary.
  • User-defined time zone support.
  • Interactive voice response with dynamically generated prompts.(Account balance, place in queue, user defined variables)
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA).
  • Voice-based time reply based on user's time zone settings.
  • Forwarding of incoming calls to a mobile phone - Follow Me mode.
  • Fax server - Fax2Email.
  • Call parking.
  • Background music for outgoing calls and queues.
  • Number-based call filtering.
  • Global phone book with fast dial.
  • Real-time call monitoring through a voice-based interface.
  • Detailed call statistics based on CDR with filtering, sorting, graphing and analytics features.
  • Whole PBX configuration backup and restore.
  • SQL report exports.
  • Fine grained control of WEB interface user permissions.
  • Personal outgoing call flow settings.
  • PBX control through various APIs.
  • Self-service web interface for users.
  • Configuration change audit log.


Two main solutions provided by us are as follows:

  • Centrex (central exchange), hosted virtual PBX provided as a service. It allows the client have his PBX hosted in our data center and frees him from the burden of maintaining a PBX system.
  • Local IP PBX intallation including integration of Asterisk Management Portal and Flash Operator Panel monitoring system. We provide Asterisk integration into your existing telephony and IT systems to provide analytics, user/extensions control and logging. We also support connecting to other IP telephony providers to allow for Low Cost Routing(LCR)