Postmet Group:

Postmet Group brings together companies from Germany, Russia and Latvia. Since 2004, we have implemented many projects and have accumulated vast experience in the field of VoIP-based technology platform Asterisk. In addition to VoIP-solutions we provide hosting services, creating solutions for secure data storage and transmission. At the heart of our solutions are the most advanced technologies in the field of IT and rich experience of our specialists, which ensures the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information that is important for the client. For the moment, our specialists have qualifications certifications such as: CCNP R&S, CCNA R&S and CCNA Security.
We offer services for designing information systems using the most modern technologies. Using cloud technology allows you to create a reliable system of processing and storage, which provide the highest level of integrity and availability of information.
To organize your projects, we suggest using our data centers. It is possible to install both the physical hardware and virtual machines for placement in our cloud.

Today, the largest pool of logistics business took the computers networked. They store, process and transmit information that is necessary for the implementation of business processes. In this connection, increasing the value obtained information security issues. Loss, corruption or inaccessibility of information violate the operation of the enterprise, are both direct and indirect losses, which could result in loss of reputation and customer confidence. How to assess the risks, how to reduce the impact of possible negative impacts on the information system?
Our team is ready to help answer these and other questions, allowing you to focus on direct business activities. The technical side of information security business we will take!

Partners in Russia:

JSC "ASTRALINUX" is a research and production association that develops information and automated systems, decision support systems, domestic general purpose software, develops and creates information security tools, telecommunications facilities, and manufactures and implements integrated next-generation training systems. All products of the research and production association are of dual and general purpose. Priority direction in all types of activity is the fulfillment of state orders in the interests of federal executive bodies. Only for the last two years JSC "NGO RusBITEkh" has successfully fulfilled more than 80 contracts and continues to work in the interests of the Ministry of Defense, FSB, FSO, FCS, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. Using advanced technologies, JSC "ASTRALINUX" guarantees the reliability of the delivered solutions, offers flexible and scalable systems with additional opportunities for their expansion and integration. The company provides a personal approach to each task, a high level of servicing of installed systems and technical support during the entire period of operation.

Professionalism of each employee is a pledge of high quality of services rendered by JSC "ASTRALINUX". The company employs more than 900 people, including 25 doctors of science and more than 80 candidates of science. The team has high scientific and technical potential and experience in creating and implementing high-tech IT products at a level that meets international standards. Technical specialists and engineers of the company constantly improve and expand their knowledge, skills and skills in the professional field, strive to find and implement the most effective, reliable and modern technical solutions. The material and technical base of JSC "ASTRALINUX" includes more than 2000 units of high-performance computer equipment, equipped with modern bench and test equipment that provides development, production and repair of modern software and hardware. Scientific and production centers of JSC "ASTRALINUX" are located in the cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Togliatti and Yaroslavl. On the territory of a total area of ​​more than 9,000 square meters. Meters are modern office buildings, scientific and technical laboratories and production bases. A significant increase in production areas is planned. The main moral principles of the activities of JSC "ASTRALINUX": "All forces - to meet the requirements of the consumer, and not to explain why they can not be met", "Protection of the reputation of the customer - the primary task of the performer", "This word is more important than any signatures."

Booklet about the company JSC "ASTRALINUX"

Our Skills

  • Strong Cisco skills: switching and routing, VLAN, QoS, MPLS, shaping, Voice and Video conversations
  • Linux/Unix/FreeBSD skills and knowledge: SQL , DNS, Telnet, DHCP, TCP/IP, switching and routing, firewalls
  • Ability to solve problems and to resolve Network troubles.
  • Troubleshooting and resolve Telecom issues, including hardware, software, and Telco services
  • Providing accurate and current information, and escalate if there are any questions.
  • Provision of local technical on-site support depending on the need.

On-line Support Responsibilities

  • Provision of on-site Incident Management on-demand.
  • Within 1 hour after the priority 1 incidents reaction time.
  • Troubleshooting network-related service requests , such as outages, anomalous behavior
  • Work with 3rd Party vendors and customer's remote engineers to resolve issues.
  • Collaboration with internal and external technical teams during the deployment and operational support.
  • Configure network equipment and services.
  • Hardware/services testing and replacement recommendations, if required.
  • Deployment, configuration, and testing of new phone/equipment.
  • Collection & delivery of surplus equipment.

Project Deployment Responsibilities

  • Take pre-requirements for projects from Customers.
  • Provide engineering / technical support and installation services for customers, IP-based PBX solution .
  • Analyse local interfaces to the local telcos / vendors and other stakeholders.
  • Shelves of different hardware.
  • Assigning IP information via Telnet on different devices.
  • Connectivity and routing tests.
  • Completing the deployment, testing and sign off.
  • The customer functional training for different equipment types.
  • Interfaces to the various project managers for on-site deployment activities