Postmet Group

Since 2004, we have implemented many projects and have accumulated vast experience in the field of VoIP-based technology platform Asterisk. In addition to VoIP-solutions we provide hosting services, creating solutions for secure data storage and transmission. At the heart of our solutions are the most advanced technologies in the field of IT and rich experience of our specialists, which ensures the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information that is important for the client. In this case the active use of the Linux operating system allows you to make our projects really cost-effective, reducing the cost of buying licenses.

Team of professionals

Creating cost-effective systems using the most advanced technology

Certification of our employees


Confidential corporate calls

Implementation of secure distributed VoIP systems

Software development

in the fields of 3-play, for the Internet, VoIP & IPTV

Distributed information systems

Scalable geographically and protected at Layer 2 & 3 OSI

Cloud Services

Highly reliable remote data storage and computing