Cisco 1751-V 32/128 + PVDM-256K-4

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Cisco 1751 Modular Access Router is ideally suited to help you evolve your organization into an e-Business. It supports e-Business features such as VPNs; secure Internet, intranet, and extranet access with optional firewall technology; broadband DSL and cable connectivity; and multiservice voice/video/data/fax integration. The Cisco 1751 Modular Access Router offers:

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Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
Modularity that allows you to individually configure the system to meet specific business needs
Investment protection with features and performance to support new WAN services such as broadband DSL and cable access, multiservice voice/data integration, and VPNs
Integration of multiple network functions, including an optional firewall VPN, and data service unit/channel service unit (DSU/CSU) to simplify deployment and management

The Cisco 1751 Router delivers these capabilities with the power of Cisco IOS Software in a modular integrated access solution. The Cisco 1751 Router provides a cost-effective solution to support e-Business applications through a comprehensive feature set including support for:
Multiservice voice/fax/data integration
Secure Internet, intranet, and extranet access with VPN and firewall
Integrated broadband DSL connectivity
VLAN support (IEEE 802.1Q)

The Cisco 1751 Router, a member of the Cisco 1700 Family, features a modular architecture that enables cost-effective upgrades and additions of WAN and voice interfaces. Integrated network services and functions, such as optional firewall, DSU/CSU, and VPN features, reduce the complexity of deploying and managing e-Business solutions. The Cisco 1751 Router offers investment protection when your business needs it, with a RISC architecture and features to support new technologies and applications such as voice/video/data/fax integration and VPNs

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