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The Cisco IP Phone Power Cube (CP-PWR-CUBE) is used to supply power to several of the Cisco 7900 series IP phones.

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This power adapter is used when Power over Ethernet (PoE) is not available from the Ethernet switch. The CP-PWR-CUBE is the first generation power cube and is compatible with older models of the Cisco 7900 series VoIP phones. This power cube is not compatible with the newest versions of the Cisco 7900 series. If you attempt to use them with an incompatible phone, the phone or power supply will not be damaged because the power insert will not physically plug into the back of incompatible phones.

 If you are using one of the older phones, it's cheaper to use this power supply and you will see absolutely no difference in performance. Remember the CP-PWR-CUBE was designed for the older phones, so they work fine. Cisco released newer version of the power supply to keep up with the power requirements of the higher resolution LCD displays of the newer phones (CP-7975G et al).Though compatible, the CP-PWR-CUBE-3 is just unnecessary for for older phones.

Detailed Compatible VoIP Phone Model Numbers:# CP-7960G # CP-7960G-CH1 # CP-7960 # CP-7960-CH1 # CP-7940G # CP-7940-CH1 # CP-7940 # CP-7914 (Keypad Expansion Module for 7960) # CP-7912G # CP-7912G-CH1 # CP-7912 # CP-7912-CH1 # CP-7910G # CP-7910G+SW # CP-7905G # CP-7905G-CH1 # CP-7905 # CP-7905-CH1 # CP-7902G # CP-7902G-CH1 # CP-7902 # CP-7902-CH1 *-CH1 is a phone that includes a CallManager license.

Incompatible VoIP phone model numbers: CP-7941G CP-7942G CP-7945G CP-7961G CP-7962G CP-7965G CP-7970G CP-7971G CP-7975G

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