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The Cisco 2600/3700 Series with the high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (G.shdsl) WAN interface card is the industry's first multiservice router to deliver business-class broadband service with scalable performance, flexibility, and security for branch and regional offices.

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Combined with the integrated G.shdsl WAN Interface Cards (WIC-1SHDSL or WIC-1SHDSL-V2), the Cisco 2600/3700 is the perfect solution for a variety of businesses requiring high-speed business-class DSL connectivity on a secure, high-performance modular platform.G.shdsl technology offers customers high-speed, symmetrical Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity at a lower monthly cost than most traditional WAN circuits. Combined with the WIC-1SHDSL (single pair SHDSL only) or WIC-1SHDSL-V2 (single or dual pair SHDSL), the Cisco 2600 and 3700 provides businesses the necessary bandwidth for critical traffic such as voice and videoconferencing, and allows customers to save money by integrating voice and data traffic on the same WAN link. Service providers can increase subscriber revenues by bundling services and offering differentiated service levels through Service Level Agreements (SLAs).G.shdsl represents the first symmetrical worldwide-accepted DSL standard and is the latest in DSL technology. Based on ITU recommendation G.991.2, the G.shdsl WAN Interface Cards allow for better interoperability with third-party vendors.

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